We are influencers and content creators, united for the common goal of ensuring the advancement, growth, and longevity of our industry.

The Association of Influencers & Content Creators (AICC) is the official trade association for American digital creators recognized as Influencers and Content Creators — founded to advocate for rights and to secure protections for digital creators and their audience into the 21st century and beyond. 


We create content within five major categories: blogs, video, photography, visual design, and audio — and are bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, social media personalities, and other digital professionals. Our work is seen and heard on the internet, on our own websites, across every social media platform, and most media distribution platforms. We influence, reach, and inform the masses across America and the world.


AICC is committed to organizing and establishing standards for our industry; including diversity and inclusion efforts, access to affordable benefits, preserving and expanding members’ work opportunities, industry-wide legislative protections; and introducing guidelines to preserve the integrity, authenticity, consistency and quality of work.

Our Values

Our members and partners are held to the highest standards and are committed to upholding the values of AICC, at all times. Our values are:

  • Authenticity — We aim to be genuine rather than perfect.
  • Creativity — We are innovators of original content, products, and services.
  • Credibility — We are trusted thought leaders, tastemakers, and experts.
  • Integrity — We engage ethically and honestly.
  • Parity — We believe in fairness, equality, and inclusivity.

Our Objectives

In order to accomplish our mission, all of the activities of the Association of Influencers & Content Creators lie within one or more of our organizational pillars. Our pillars are the eight master objectives that AICC was founded for, and represent our ongoing commitment to the sustainable advancement of this industry.

  • Organize influencers and content creators to amplify a collective voice that is representative of the expansive community of creators and consumers.
  • Establish Standards for operational and professional practices across the industry.
  • Increase Diversity & Inclusion efforts across the industry, normalizing the representation of ALL people in marketing.
  • Protect and Secure the rights of creators by lobbying for meaningful legislation on matters affecting their work, including taking appropriate protective action in response to the unauthorized use of their content.
  • Improve and Refine the relationships between brands/organizations, influencers, and consumers — building a foundation of clarity and trust, for the mutual benefit of
  • Advocate for consumer protections by partnering with the FTC, brands, and other organizations — to ensure consistency across all channels and methods of marketing.
  • Cooperate and Coordinate with other organizations whose objectives include the advancement and improvement of operations, in the best interest of members and consumers.
  • Establish, Conduct, Sponsor and Maintain educational, recreational, social, and charitable endeavors to assist our members and aid in their general welfare.